Get Involved

Get Involved

Connect wouldn’t be Connect without the support of many adults AND students.  Whoever you are and whatever talents you may have there is a place for you within Connect. 

For adults, there are two ways you can be involved:

As a Connect Leader or a Connect Sponsor. 

A Connect Leader is someone who commits to attending our weekly Student Gatherings, at our monthly events and is available for many, if not all outings. 

A Connect Sponsor is someone who commits to sponsoring the student ministry from outside the ministry program.  Someone that can be called upon for prayer, for financial assistance when students need help attending events or possibly even to help with our major events like “Back to School Bash” or “Camp Padre”.

As a Student Leader:

We are all about students taking ownership of their Student Ministry.  We encourage students to be involved in the workings of Connect and with that, we have been developing a Student Leadership Team consisting of High School students who have a desire to be leaders.  Whether the student has technical/media talents, singing/playing instrument talents, speaking talents or any other talents that are beneficial to this ministry we want you!


Thank You