Welcome to the
21 Days of Prayer
and Fasting Guide

Life happens in seasons. Most of the seasons in life happen naturally without any influence or control on our part. Then there are seasons that we intentionally create for a desired outcome or purpose. This 21 days of fasting is one of those seasons.  


My prayer is this: as we seek to prioritize the nourishment of the spirit of Christ that dwells within us, may we hear from God clearly, grow spiritually, and be blessed abundantly.


This season of prayer and fasting is accompanied by several tools including Biblical principles to fasting, different fasting options, and a prayer guide that was thoughtfully and prayerfully written by 12 pastors from different churches and will serve to help prepare our hearts to receive what God wants to show us through this experience.


Please join me and the rest of the Leadership Team at Rose Heights as we navigate through the next 21 days using these devotionals as a guide.


Pastor Doug





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