Kids 1st

You’ll find first-class programs for your children ages 6 weeks through 5th Grade. We have check-in stations at multiple checkpoints, where you can ask any questions you may have, and check your children in with our secure check-in system.

For any parents of infants 9 months or younger, we provide a comfortable viewing area where parents can sit with the infant, rock them or feed them while watching the main service via live TV. The atmosphere is calming and equipped with a private nursing area.

You will receive one guardian tag that matches your child’s nametag to use in each classroom during our secure check-out process at the end of class.

Worship World (1st – 5th Grade)

Children are our top-priority at Rose Heights. We believe God has masterfully created them to accomplish incredible things through Jesus Christ. This high-energy, worship time is carefully designed to help your child grow in their relationship and understanding of Jesus Christ.

At Worship World your child will learn to:

  • Connect with God, His Church and His purposes for their life
  • Obey the teachings of Christ and the Bible
  • Aspire after the heart and presence of God in worship
  • Seek first the Kingdom and desire the gifts of the Spirit
  • Teach others about Christ and share their faith boldly
  • Worship God with pure hearts


Children experience the Bible come to life in Clubhouse! During times of lively songs, interactive stories, and prayer, your child will learn biblical truths in a fun atmosphere.

At Clubhouse your child will learn to:

  • Experience the love and grace of God
  • Fellowship, play, share and care
  • Grasp the biblical narrative
  • Praise God and pray to Him


At Rose Heights nursery we desire to come alongside families providing a loving and safe environment for your baby, giving you a peace of mind that allows you the opportunity for an intimate time of worship and growth. 

In the Nursery your child will learn to:

  • Play, share and care about others
  • Learn basic biblical concepts such as “Jesus loves and care about Me”
  • Sing songs and read Bible stories
  • Experience the love and grace of God

We recommend parents bring a bottle or cup, both labeled with your child’s name. Please feel free to bring any comfort items your child might have such as a blanket or favorite toy. We believe the presence of God can touch even the youngest child. We have trained and qualified workers who lovingly and faithfully desire to invest in the life of your baby.

Parent Viewing Area – What about newborns?

Moms of newborns and nursing moms, we have a room for you. You can view the service in our “nursing room”, also located in the nursery, while privately taking care of the needs of your precious little one.

Check-In & Safety System

First time visitors will go to our main check-in stations, located at the Nursery or Worship World entrances, where our team will assist you with registering your child. There you will receive a name badge with a parent pick-up tag. Be sure to let us know if your child has any allergies or special requirements during the check-in time. If we need to contact you during service, you will receive a text message on the phone you register with us.

After your first visit, the self check-in kiosks are provided to sign in and print your child’s name badge and parent pick-up tag.

At the end of the service, show your parent pick-up tag to the volunteer in your child’s classroom and your child will be released to you.

Safety is our first commitment – without it, ministry cannot happen. All of our staff and volunteer workers have passed an interview and background check. Children will not be released to anyone not possessing the correct pick-up tag or to a minor.

For more information about Kids 1st ministry, email Pastor Kevin McHann: