Rose Heights is proud to partner with dozens of international ministries all over the world. A large portion of the Rose Heights tithes and offerings go to support these ministries. Here is a list of those international ministries

Serving Orphans Worldwide

We believe in the biblical mandate to care for widows and orphans in their distress, and our partnership with SOW ensures that more than 7,000 children around the world will receive food, clothing, shelter, an education, healthcare, and adult mentors who can share the Love of Christ. God’s “plan A” for every child is permanent family, and many of SOW’s children’s homes place orphaned and abandoned children into families. There are nearly 140 million children without a forever family, and as followers of Christ, we are working to change that reality through our partnership with SOW. 

Center of Hope – Vietnam

Out of the 95 million people who call Vietnam home, less than 1% practice free Christianity. Vietnam is one of five remaining countries officially under communist rule, and open doors ministry ranks them in the top 25 countries for Christian persecution. Rose Heights supports a children’s home and a network of house churches reaching the rural areas of the Central Highlands.

World Embrace Champion’s Center – Gulu, Uganda

In 2018, World Embrace and the local church will break ground for the CHAMPIONS CENTRE. It will be the first community centre in Northern Uganda and one of the biggest community centres in East Africa. The CHAMPIONS CENTRE will be a catalyst for change in Gulu, a neutral ground where churches and ministries can come together to positively affect the 7 major spheres of influence.

Emily Habacon – Philippines

Emily was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and answered God’s call to be a missionary when she was 13 years old. Emily attended Christ For the Nations Institute where she majored in Global Missions. Upon completing the Timothy Internship Program in Iloilo City, Philippines, Emily joined Go To Nations and have now returned to Iloilo to partner with the Camp Sonshine Center Foundation in their work with street children and their families. Beyond working with the Sonshine Center, Emily has also been given the opportunity to help raise up Filipino missionaries through an 8-week internship tailored specifically to train and send out Filipino missionaries.  Emily’s vision is to raise up nationals to become Godly leaders in their communities, cross-cultural missionaries, and ministers of the gospel whatever their calling.

Pilgrim Republic Ministry – Ukraine

We realize the biggest rehabilitation project in Ukraine is for children and teenagers who are in difficult life situations.  However, we also do work in the area of adult rehabilitation, helping elderly people who have no place to live and no facilities to survive.  Because of the military situation in Eastern Ukraine we also do work with refugees and peaceful citizens living in a war zone.

Semisud – Quito, Ecuador

A Church of God South American Ministerial Seminary that offers advanced theological educational programs, including doctoral programs.

Chaing Rai Children’s Home – Thailand

For the Hmong people of this region, discrimination heightens their daily struggle to survive. Because many of them do not have Thai nationality, they often cannot find work and their children are denied proper education. Eventually, this cycle of poverty drives many to crime. For the Hmong women, youth pregnancy, poverty, and peer pressure provides an easy gateway into prostitution. The Global Slavery Index reports that Thailand remains a source, destination, and transit country for labor and sex trafficking, and most of the victims are impoverished or migrant individuals from the Northern region of the country. Having been coerced or manipulated into exploitation, many also fall victim to a life of drug abuse and crime leading to incarceration.

Ariun Mor Christian Church – Yarmag, Mongolian

The Ariun Mor Christian church was established 18 years ago in a suburb of Yarmag near the capital city. It is a Church of God that serves the 40,000 people of Yarmag and has 60-70 in attendance every Sunday. There is only one other small church in the region. The church currently has three missionaries sent to China to spread the gospel to that closed country. The vision is that by the year 2020 that 2% of Yarmag would come to know Christ. That is 800 people in the next 6 years. They are training people and will start outreach programs to spread the Gospel. They have the vision to change their world with the truth of Jesus.

Lori Joiner Ministries – Katy, TX

Whether speaking, training, or discipling, Lori brings a passion to see women raised up to be all they can be in the Lord, teaching to women of all ages on a wide variety of topics. She currently makes her home in Katy, TX, with her husband Alan and two young children Josh and Jake.

Voice of Hope – Israel

Strategic Communications Group’s purpose is to “reach the world, with God’s Word, through radio.” John and Heather Tayloe established Strategic Communications Group in 1998 to further their lifelong work in international gospel radio broadcasting. Today, Strategic Communication Group’s Voice of Hope’s radio stations are spreading the gospel message throughout the world. Heather’s father, George Otis, Sr., established VOICE OF HOPE – 945 AM radio station in South Lebanon in 1979 and broadcast until it went off the air in 2000. Seventeen years later, the Lord moved John and Heather to reestablish the VOICE OF HOPE… this time in Israel. On March 28, 2017, the VOICE OF HOPE returned to the airwaves on 1287 AM reaching Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and Israel from our studios on the Sea of Galilee Israel.

Compassion Ministries in DR Congo

DR Congo has been in civil conflict for years. It is estimated that 5 million have lost their lives, and Eastern DR Congo has the highest concentration of widows and orphans in the world. Our partnership has purchased property, planted churches, built an outreach center, and supported children’s homes in Goma, Congo.


The vision of MedSend is to reach the world with compassionate care and the love of Christ by empowering committed, Christ-following healthcare professionals to minister and effectively care for those in the least served areas of the world.

Ishmaels Blessings

There are 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world today and the vast majority of them are unreached and unengaged by the Church. Muslims are found in every country on the face of the globe and our expanding their political influence and economic prowess. The heart of Ishmaels Blessing is to reach the Muslim harvest through strategic prayer and engagement. This will be accomplished as they continue to train workers, church planting, evangelism, short-term missions, care ministries, immersion experiences, and the discipling of native people.

Mike Black Ministries

Mike and Pat Black established Mike Black Ministries over 30 years ago when they felt the calling of Lord to serve in Guatemala. The ministry has several strategic ways of reaching the Guatemalan people including a Spanish speaking church plant, a Ministry Center, several children’s outreaches throughout the region, a radio ministry and a children’s feeding program. Rose Heights specifically partners with the feeding program to reach out to Indigenous Mayan children who live hungry, dirty and impoverished The ministry feeds about 300 indigenous children once a week at the Feeding Program El Rejón Project. This program was added in 2012 due to the seriousness of malnutrition in children in Guatemala.

Other supported ministries

  • Bangladesh Youth Camp, Andhra Pradesh Crusades, and a church plant in Amsterdam.


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