A LifeGroup is a small community of believers who gather to study the Word of God, pray together, and live in fellowship with like-minded believers (Acts 2:42). We believe they provide the opportunity to meet community and spiritual needs within our Rose Heights family. The content for LIFEGroups range from Bible studies to marriage, life stages to finances.

Everyone. We believe LIFEGroups are places where everyone can find community. Whether you are married, single, parents, a single parent, a senior citizen, or a teen, there is a place for you.

We will gather weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based upon the LIFEGroup you join.

Each year we host 4-6 LIFEGroup semesters at our Main campus. But the beauty of LIFEGroups is that they can meet wherever and whenever people choose meet. Other LIFEGroups may meet in homes, at the park with the kids, for coffee, a meal, online or wherever people desire to meet for fellowship, community, and spiritual growth.

For our LIFEGroups that meet on campus, the Kids First and Connect Student ministries will have something for all children (birth – high school). For our LIFEGroups that meet off-campus, childcare will be determined by the individual leader(s).

You can find a list of our current LIFEGroups at

For more information about leading or hosting a LIFEGroup, contact Pastor Allen at


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