Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide,
do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

For you will spread out to the right and to the left…


Isaiah 54:2-3




Our first priority will focus on renovating and updating our Tyler campus and expanding our Lindale Campus.


Our Kids First ministry spaces will be getting some much-needed upgrades, remodels, and additions.

  • New and redesigned Check-in areas
  • Newly designed worship spaces.
  • New LED walls and technology
  • New seating and furniture
  • Upgraded playground facilities



Beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2024, we will:

  • Renovate the Sanctuary, adding new seating, new flooring, and new environmental elements.
  • Remodel our Kids First Worship World and Club house spaces.
  • Replace and refresh flooring and paint campus-wide.
  • Remodel and expand office spaces.

Beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2024, we will:

Add an additional 6,000’ sq ft of ministry space.

  • This addition will include:
    • A new Worship World area (Capacity: 130)
    • Four new classrooms for preschoolers.
    • Two new multipurpose meeting rooms.
    • Much needed restroom spaces.
  • With the addition, we will renovate and relocate some of our existing ministry spaces, including:
    • Relocating our Snack ‘n Play and nursery rooms
    • Repurposing the current Snack ’n Play to create a new Cafe and seating area





Our second priority is to strengthen community by expanding our gathering space in the foyer area.

Additional space:

  • Opening the foyer area and adding an additional 5,000’ sq ft
  • This will provide an area for connecting with visitors and families


  • We will add a new cafe and seating area in the foyer.

Multipurpose Area

  • We will add a multipurpose area for conference registration, merchandise, meetings and more

New Family Registration

  • We will add two convenient and centralized family registration stations to allow simple and easy check-in for our first-time guests and families




Our third priority is to spread Christ’s love by preparing to launch a new Rose Heights campus.

Why a New Campus?

With the addition of our Lindale Campus, we have gained an incredible amount of insight about the potential of developing life-giving campuses in neighboring communities. In four short years, we have seen our Rose Heights Lindale enrollment increase by more than 500%.

Through strong community and relationships, we have been allowed to partner with local schools, host community ministry events, and invest in countless families within the greater Lindale area, all the while reaching record attendance at our Tyler Campus.

Where Next?

East TX is poised for accelerated growth and there is a clear need for new life-giving churches. We are researching an area that is within a 30-minute radius of our Tyler Campus, has seen profound population growth in recent years, and has strong projections for increased school enrollment and housing development.

Meanwhile, among our growth at Rose Heights, this region accounts for less than 4%. Similar to our experience with Lindale, one of the possible hindrances is that the travel time to the Tyler Campus is too great to develop community and worship with their neighbors.

Why Us?

Through our experience with our Lindale Campus, we believe a new Rose Heights campus is an opportunity to reach another community with the Rose Heights’ DNA of love for God, love for one another, and the pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Preparing Now

As we prepare to reach another community, these funds will be utilized for:

  • Identifying potential locations
  • Securing facilities
  • Building a launch team
  • Beginning the process of launching our next campus

Regional Growth:

    • Population increase: + 25%
    • Housing units: + 23%
    • School Enrollment: nearly +300%
    • Housing to increase by 2,800 homes (5-7 yrs)
  • Meanwhile, this region is less than 4% of Rose Heights’ growth in the last 4 years.



Over the next three years, we are committed to Making Room and Building Community
With You as Our Partner,
  • We will stretch ourselves to renovate our Tyler Campus and worship spaces, expand our Lindale Campus and Kids First Ministry areas, and add some much-needed office spaces.
  • We will strengthen our Tyler Campus community by enlarging our gathering areas and increasing opportunities for fellowship and relationship building.
  • And, we will spread Christ’s love to a growing community through the addition of a new Rose Heights campus.
What’s Next?
  • Pray.
    At the center of our Making Room, Building Community campaign is prayer. Every step in this process must be bathed in prayer. If it is God’s work, it is important that we depend on Him.

  • Give.
    Take a step of faith and join our family of generous givers. Every gift, given in faith, moves the vision forward. Please complete the pledge card with your faith commitment. Gifts can be given to the Making Room, Building Community building fund.


Priority 1: Stretching

  • $4.4M

    • Tyler Campus Renovations
    • Lindale Campus Expansion
    • Office Addition

Priority 2: Strengthening

  • $3M

    • Tyler Campus Foyer Expansion

Priority 3: Spreading

  • $2.5M

    • Preparing to Launch a New Campus


Thank You