A LifeGroup is a small community of believers who gather to study the Word of God, pray together, and live in fellowship with like-minded believers (Acts 2:42). We believe they provide the opportunity to meet community and spiritual needs within our Rose Heights family. The content for LIFEGroups range from Bible studies to marriage, life stages to finances.


Children are our top-priority at Rose Heights. We believe God has masterfully created them to accomplish incredible things through Jesus Christ. This high-energy, worship time is carefully designed to help your child grow in their relationship and understanding of Jesus Christ.


We live in a broken world with a ton of issues. Our nation has issues, our neighbors have issues, and WE have issues. Through this series we will look at some major issues that has riddled our world as well as our own lives. We will take a biblical perspective and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to His solution for peer pressure, anxiety, toxic relationships, racism, attitude, and the influence of society. 


Thank You